Power cable for rated voltage 0,6/1kV AC

(0,9/1,5kV DC intended for photovoltaic systems)



1. Conductor              CuSn, stranded of category 5 according to ČSN EN 60228

2. Core insulation       cross-linked heat resistant EPR compound

3. Sheath                     cross-linked heat resistant EPR compound


Technical parameters:

The rated voltage U0/U:                                            600/1000V AC (900/1500V DC)

Testing voltage between cores:                                  4000 V DC / 50 Hz

Insulation resistance of cores:                                    min. 3 670  MW/km at 20°C

Insulation resistance:                                                  15000 MΩ/km at 20°C

500 MΩ/km at 90°C

Surrounding temperatures (fixed placement):           -50°C up to +120°C

Minimum temperature during laying:                        -25°C

Maximum conductor temperature at a short circuit: +250°C

Minimum bending radius:                                          6D

Cable service life:                                                       30 years


Basic characteristics:           

Resistance to atmospheric effects of UV radiation              ISO 4892-2:2006 method A-

and ozone:                                                                             0,50W/m2 at 340 mm for the duration of 750 hours

Resistance to ozone effects: 

Resistance to acidic environment:                                        hydrolysis, ammoniac, biogasses

Resistance to vertical spread of flame for cables

with one insulation:                                                               ČSN EN 60332-1-2

Halogen-free, low corrosion of gasses during burning:         ČSN EN 50267-1, ČSN EN 50267-2-2 (IEC 60754)

Low smoke density during burning:                                     ČSN EN 61034-1,ČSN EN 61034-2 (IEC 61034-1,-2)

Colour marking of elements:                                                 black, dark red, blue or according to the customer’s requirement

Sheath color:                                                                          black or according to the customer’s requirement

Packaging:                                                                             wooden or metal cable drums, short lenghts in circles



The cable is suited to linking of solar panels, inverters and for photovoltaic systems.

They are resistant to negative impacts of UV radiation, ozone and mainly to temperature effects of outdoor environment.

They are resistant to hydrolysis, ammoniacs, biogasses and to chemical substances.

The cables are intended for power distributions at rated voltage of 0,6/1,5 kV in the environment according to ČSN 33 2000-3 in the cathegory AN1 and AN2 (UV stability). The cables can be used in an environment with a fire danger and it is possible to install them on a flammable surface. Other usage has to be negotiated with the cable producer.

Plastic materials used for cable production are tested against effects of petroleum products of groups IRM 902 and IRM 903.