I. Quantity, packaging, documentation

1. The supplier stipulates for the possibility to deliver cables with a deviation from the agreed quantity of individual types of cables as listed below:

     a) up to 300 m                                   -0+25 m (from the cable type)
     b) from 301 to 1000 m                        -0+5 % (from the cable type)
     c) cables above 35mm2  cross section    -0+5m (from the cable type)

Prices will be altered according to these lengths, i.e. only the real delivered quantity will be invoiced.
Each delivery can contain up to 25% of the total contracted quantity with shorter production lengths, however only above 100 m length.

2. If the contracted quantity exceedes the production  length (PL) the seller reserves the right to prefer the divide the total quantity of goods into a corresponding number of similar lengths smaller than the PL (e.g. for ordered length = 0,900 km and the production length=0,800 km we will preferably deliver lengths: 2x 450m).

3. Length marking printed on the jacket serves only as an informative data.

4. The goods will be packed on returnable cable reels or in coils for shorter lengths.

5. Both cable ends are always marked by an original embossed seal „Kabex“. Any possible length claims may only be accepted for cables with the original seal uncut.

6.The delivery point is the supplier‘s production plant. The delivery is deemed completed at the day when the testing record is issued.  The danger of damage on goods passes over to the buyer from the moment goods take-over over from the seller.

7. The goods become the property of the customer only after the full payment of the sales price.

 II. Quality guarantee

1.  The seller pledges to deliver goods in the quantity, quality and design as specified by the contract. Delivery of goods with the error listed in article 1. of the general trade conditions.

2.  The quality and completeness of the goods are declared on a label by a technical control marking. A copy of the testing record will be sent to the customer together with the invoice, event. handed-over on the take-over of goods

3.  The supplier guarantees the quality of goods for 24 months from the use of the product.

 III. Price and Payment conditions

1.   Payment and invoice conditions:

      The supplier stipulates for the right to chose one of the following ways of payment, event. their combination:

a) Advance payment or payment in cash on the take-over of goods.

b) Partial advance payment as set on a preliminary invoice according to a prearranged advancement amount. A final invoice will be issued on the take-over of goods and will be due in cash or by a bank transfer.

c) Bank transfer  to the supplier’s bank account within ten days from the date the invoice was issued in case there was no advance  payment. A payment is the deposit of money on the supplier’s bank account.

2.     The customer is obliged to pay the price for the goods on supplier’s bank account within the time set by  purchase contract. The failure of the customer to pay debts to KABELOVNA KABEX a.s. for previous accomplished deliveries is deemed a significant breach of the contract. In that case, KABELOVNA KABEX s.s. need not comply with the agreed delivery time until the full payment of all debts by the customer. This does not exclude any other possible sanction measures.

3.   The price of the delivery does not include transportation costs  and the price for cable reels.

4.   In case the products are delivered on cable reels, those with the diameter fo 150 cm incl. will be charged as follows:
 (prices listed in CZK, excl. VAT, dimensions in cm, D-wooden, K-metal)

Type   Selling price   Red. price within 6 months   R. p. within 9 months   R. p. within 12 months

100K        3300,-              3300,-                                 3000,-                             2100,-      120K        4200,-              4200,-                                 3700,-                             2700,-
150K        7000,-              7000,-                                 6000,-                             5000,-
100D        1900,-              1900,-                                 1600,-                             1200,-
125D        2600,-              2600,-                                 2000,-                             1800,-
150D        4500,-              4500,-                                 3500,-                             2500,-

For reels of bigger diameters, úaůůets and crating the price is set individually. Cable reels are charged together with the product on one tax document (invoice). The selleer shall invoice the buyer the amount for the reels received based on a submited copy of the delivery note (ev. invoice).

The buyer provides the transport of the returnable packages to the seller and, at the same time, covers the transport expenses.

 IV. Penalties

1.     In case the customer fails to pay until the due date the supplier will charge the customer with 0,05% of the total amount for each day overdue.

2.     In case the supplier fails to deliver goods on time he will pay the customer a penalty of 0,05% of the total amount for each day overdue.

 V. Final provisions

1.   If the customer cancels the purchase of goods according to this contract he will pay the supplier a penalty as follows:

      a) on cancellation before the beginning of the production after the purchase of material - 10 % of the contract amount

      b) after the beginning of the production - 20 % of the contract amount

2.  If the customer fails to purchase the whole quantity within 30 days from the delivery date, he will pay a penalty of 50 % of the price for the non-purchased quantity.

3.  The supplier is bound by the order or contract proposal assigned for approval by the buyer for 5 days from the date it is forwarded.


Kabelovna KABEX a.s.