Cable joints (cable sets of Kabelovna Kabex®) are intended for linking, connecting, terminating, sealing and branching out of the cables and the hermetic cable modules at rated voltage up to 6/10 kV on a cable line so that the cable homogeneity is assured as best as possible. 

If a cable contains a concentric conductor or a screening, these elements are full-valued also in the body of a cable joint. If a cable is armoured, this armour is conductively linked in the place of cable joint. 

Cable sets of Kabelovna Kabex® complement the broadest field of cables from products of own production to products of the world leaders. 

Due to the wide range in the production field of the special cables of Kabelovna Kabex®, we offer also widely extended service in the field of linking and various types of termination of our cables. With increasing demand especially for fire retardant and fireproof units (used also on PVC cables as a barrier against the spread of fire) Kabelovna Kabex®  established a separate department for development and completion of the cable sets for a majority of available cable types.

 Nowadays, Kabelovna Kabex® may offer not only all common options but also cooperation with a customer during construction of new and highly specialized types of the cable sets destined for all sorts of environments.

 We supply newly certified cable sets for the whole assortment of our cables including cable sets into environments with ionizing radiation and for nuclear power plants indicated by the LOCA label. Futhermore, we supply fire retardant and fireproof  hermetic seals and cable terminations up to standard especially for tunnel and underground constructions with a risk of flooding.

 Cable sets of Kabelovna Kabex® constitute assemblies of:

-    cable joints and their modification: sets that provide an interconnection of the cables (and also of various constructions) on a cable line and a parallelling of the cables

-    cable connections and their modification: provide an interconnection of a hermetic cable bushing with a non-hermetic zone

-    cable units and their modification: sets of components for a mend of hermetic cable bushings including a hermetic cable module and a cable connection for a hermetic and non-hermetic zone

-    cable sealings and their modification

-    cable terminations and their modification: provide a defined cable termination and obstruct axial penetrating of moisture into a cable


Cable sets are supplied in variants according to the cable resistance:

-    for plastic cables (for a universal application)

-    for fire retardant cables

-    for fireproof cables

-    cable joints and H terminations resist pressure of a water column 60 m for a period of 36 days


The cable sets are resistant to the spread of flame according to EN 50266-2-2 (category A), are fireproof  according to IEC 60331 for a period of at least 180 minutes, are halogen-free, with a low smoke density evolved during burning according to IEC 61034 and have low gas acidity during burning according to IEC 60754-2.

The cable sets are tested for long-term immersion in water according to ČSN 347010-82 5.3.1. During the whole period of the test they exhibit full watertightnessand and pressure tightness with constant electric parameters. Single cable sets may be placed in cable lines by arranging them in a row or side-by-side without increasing a fire load. They are not provided by any additional fire-fighting spray.