Our company is seeking the systematic improvement of all inner processes. Their aim is to meet the requirements and expectations of our customers on the basis of their complex needs along with permanent improving of the product quality.


Kabelovna Kabex a.s. based its business policy of manufacture upon the following strategy:

  • To work with a number of standard cables and cable accessories that are produced on the basis of a technology the aim of which is to meet all the requirements of our customers as soon as possible.
  • To meet a demand even in the case of smaller manufacturing orders.
  • To develop new cable constructions and cable accessories so that they would gradually come to be a standard product assortment. To apply modern materials and manufacturing processes within the projecting of structural design.
  • To constitute product assortment range and fair delivery time on proper semi-factured products and to conform the company organization to custom manufacturing.     


This policy requires a high level of process organization, their perfect sequence and their exact reproducibility and permanent resourcing. This system is greatly respected by management of JSC in its decisions.

All the employees of Kabelovna Kabex a.s. are duty bound to fulfill the tasks that result from the provisions of SMJ according to ISO 9001:2008.