Kabex has been active in the cable production market since 1994. Over the years, the portfolio has been constantly expanding, adding new and new types of cables that have gradually supplemented other products - cable connectors and hermetic cable penetrations for underground tunnels and nuclear power plant containment wall. Over time, due to the increasing demand, especially for cable accessories and penetrations, we have divided the production into two divisions - the Cables plant and the Armature plant. Both are located in one place - in our production area in Holysov.

Nuclear energy in the Czech Republic and Slovakia has a long history. Kabex has gained its sovereign position in the domestic markets, today it is the main supplier of Czech and Slovak nuclear power plants in some products. Kabex has a number of foreign partners in the nuclear industry, to which it has been supplying for decades, and is also qualified directly on the vendor lists of foreign nuclear power plants. Working with nuclear power plants has its own specifics - you can often hear that the relationship between a component supplier and a nuclear power plant is almost as marriage. Only the first phase takes 2-3 years before you start delivering your products to NPP. The requirements for all aspects from product quality through documentation to delivery dates are very strict. Fulfilling these requirements requires not only time and helpfulness, but perfect cooperation.

Products that were originally created on the basis of demanding requirements of local customers are then easily used in foreign markets - for example, we supply large volumes of production to renowned EPC contractors in the Czech Republic and abroad for projects of new units at oil refineries, chemical plants and especially nuclear power plants.

Kabelovna Kabex is a member of the Association of cable producers of the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic.

 Asociace AVK

Kabex is also a member of the International association INTERKABEL and actively participates in regular meetings of the association.

Asociace Interkabel