Weak-current cable – screened, fire retardant, halogen-free



1. Conductor  Cu conductor of the category 1 according to IEC 60228

2. Insulation    XLPE

3. Cable core   cores are twisted in pairs, pairs are laid up into cable core

4. Bedding      none

5. Screening    wrapping by Al/PET foil + CuSn drain wire

6. Sheath         fire retardant halogen-free polymer compound


Technical parameters:

Rated voltage:                                                                       500 V AC

Testing voltage between cores:                                 2000 V

Testing voltage between core and screening:            750 V

Insulation resistance:                                                 > 1000 MΩ.km

Surrounding temperatures (fixed placement):           - 40°C up to + 90°C

Surrounding temperatures (during installation):       -5°C up to +50°C

Minimum bending radius (fixed placement):            10D


Basic characteristics:             

Self-extinguishing:                                                                EN 60332-1-2

Resistant to vertical spread of flame:                                               EN 50266-2-2 category A

Halogen-free, low corrosion of gasses during burning:        IEC 60754-2

Low smoke density during burning:                                     IEC 61034-2

Colour marking of cores:                                                       IEC 60189-2 edition 4 or black and white numbered couples

Sheath colour:                                                                       orange



The cables can be used for signal transmission in measuring, control and safety circuits where is insisted on personal protection, on the protection of equipments, constructions and of materials (e.g. in public spaces, shopping malls, in hospitals, hotels or in tunnel constructions). It is possible to use them in dry or wet environment.

Electrostatic screening ensures the protection against electrical interference.

The cables can be placed in the environment with the explosion danger (zone 1, 2) providing compliances with the conditions of intrinsic safety according to IEC 60079-11.


The most common derived variants:

JCXFE-R /st/ - with separately screened elements

JCXFE-R /ZE/ - with light armour

JCXFOE-R /sto/ - with overall screening by CuSn braiding and by drain wire and with separately screened elements by braiding and by drain wire

CPDex SRF – the variant with low heat releasing during a fire


Note: the element can be a core, a pair, a triad or a quad; then the standard colour marking is:

- HD 308 S2 for a core variant

- couples with black and white core – numbered

- trios with black, white and dark red core – numbered

- quads with black, white, dark red and brown - numbered


The product is conformable with the direction EU 73/023/EEC for low voltage.