Optical cable for outdoor usage



1. Fibres                                             optical fibres with primary protection

                                                           number of fibres: 5 - 512

2. Tube                                               empty multifibre secondary protection filled by gel

3. Cable core + tensile elements         - tubes are positionally twisted in a cable core + water-blocking aramid or glass yarn + water-blocking tape

                                                           - cable core can contain central glass-fibre tensile element

4. Sheath                                            polyethylen


Technical parameters:

Surrounding temperatures (fixed placement):           - 30°C up to + 70°C

Surrounding temperatures (during installation):       -5°C up to +50°C

Minimum bending radius (fixed placement):            15D


Basic characteristics:           

Halogen-free, low corrosion of gasses during burning:        IEC 60754-2

Colour marking of fibers 1-12:                                              red, green, blue, yellow, white, grey, brown, violet, turquoise, orange, black, pink

Colour marking of tubes:                                                      1. red, 2. green, others white

Sheath colour:                                                                       black



The cables are used for transmission of optical signals for outdoor environment, for installations of backbone networks and limit distributions and for telecommunication and data transmissions.

The cables can be placed in the environment with the explosion danger (zone 1, 2) providing compliances with the conditions of intrinsic safety according to IEC 60079-11