The cable accessories made by Kabex are intended for connect, link, termination, seal and branch cables or hermetic cable modules with a nominal voltage of up to 8/12 kV on the cable route in order to maintain the cable homogeneity as much as possible. If the cable contains a concentric conductor, that conductor is full-value in a part of the cable junction. If the cable is armoured, the armour layer is also connected into a conductive joint at the junction point.

The cable accessories feature increased resistance to fire spreading according to EN 60332-3-22 and fire resistance according to IEC 60331 for 180 min. They are halogen-free and when on fire, they produce smoke of low-density IEC 61034 -2 and low gas acidity according to IEC 60754-2.

The KS are tested for a long time water submersion according to HD 605 – 5.3.1. Throughout the full duration of the test, they exhibit full water and pressure resistance, with no change of electrical parameters whatsoever. The individual cable accessories may be placed in cable ducts arranged behind or next to each other without increasing the fire safety load. They are not provided by any additional fire-safety coating.

- The cable accessories always meet the same specification as the cable route.
- The cable accessories design is in full ownership of Kabex
- The construction of the accessories always meets all technical requirements applied for the cable.
- The junctions allow to connect any number of cables from both sides.

- KS joints and their modifications are sets that ensure connection of cables (and various frames) in a cable route as well as a cable concourse.
- KS terminations and their modifications. Ensure interconnection of a hermetic cable bushing with cables of the hermetic and non-hermetic zone.
- KS units and their modifications are component sets used to repair hermetic cable bushings, including HKM and KS cable connections for both hermetic and non-hermetic zone.
- KS sealing and their modifications ensure hermetic sealing of the HKP hermetic cable bushing with no cables connected or a cable that is not connected to anything.
- KZ cable endings and their modifications provide defined endings of cables and prevent axial humidity leaking into the cable.