New product – MASCHINEX - Cables for railway applications (18.6.2021 )

Kabelovna Kabex has completed the certification of the first comprehensive group of MASCHINEX® cables intended for railway vehicles and transport systems. Single core MASCHINEX® cables type EN 50264-3-1 meet and exceed current requirements of technical standards and replace older cable types.

Cable Maschinex EN 50264-3-1 for railway transport

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Cable inlet seal type Salnik (ZKP-S) (18.5.2021 )

The new product is a non-hermetic sealing of the passage of cables through the wall. Cables, their bundles, carbon or
stainless steel pipes etc. can be placed in this passage.

 Cable inlet seal for nuclear power plants

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Hermetic cable penetrations for 3rd generation NPP (18.1.2021 )

Hermetic cable penetrations have been manufactured at Kabex for almost 20 years. For a construction of new 3rd generation NPPs we have developed a penetration that passes through the double containment wall and forms a product, which is over 4 meters long.

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