Fire resistance tests

1.) Insulation integrity test according to IEC 60331
The test is administered on devices according to ČSN IEC 60331-11 in accordance with several procedures:

-          for cables up to 0,6/1 kV according to ČSN IEC 60331-21
-          for data cables according to ČSN IEC 60331-23
-          for optical cables according to ČSN IEC 60331-25

2.) Test for fire retardant cables and conductors in categories A F/R, A, B, C, D according to EN 50266 (IEC 60332-3)

3.) Test of fire resistance of cables in emergency circuits according to ČSN EN 50200

4.) Test of fire properties of cable according to EN 50339

Kabelovna Kabex a.s.® is entitled to administer tests  according to the above-mentioned norms with a following issue of a test report.
We administer informative tests and type-tests in the presence of a representative of the Electrotechnical Testing Institute.