We offer you the catalogue of our products that we tried to arrange to make your work as easiest as possible.
The cables intended for special environments are marked in the text by a symbol that reflects a field in which the cable can be installed. Our specialists will explain you in details the important links in installations of cables for particular environments or they will help you to recommend and to suggest the most suitable cable design for meeting all your requirements.
If you will need more information about a particular design of a product, do not hesitate to let us know. On request we will submit you all the necessary information.
In 2005 we established a subsidiary – entirely commercial and logistic company allkabel s.r.o. This company helps us with a wider cable offer that is not in the production programme  of our company and thus it helps us to complete offers for bigger investment units. We firmly believe that the united cable offer from Kabelovna Kabex® and allkabel s.r.o. will be more interesting and more compact for you.